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TubeWorks Viewer

Intended for companies looking to view part files and determine key metrics. Export PDF report containing all essential bend data.

TubeWorks Lite

For companies looking to quickly extract, correct and compensate 3D part data. Apply calibrated data to your existing tooling database.

TubeWorks Pro

Our most comprehensive software delivering “first part, right part”. For companies looking to unbend tube for laser cuts and stretch compensation.


Take SolidWorks to a new level with the entire TubeWorks feature set including the ability to design a new tube from scratch.

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Once you start using TubeWorks you’ll realize the time and cost savings it can provide. If it does not meet your expectations receive a full refund on your investment.*


*License must be returned before 30 days after purchase for refund.

Structural Add-In

For companies looking to automate and simplify the process of analyzing, processing, and converting structural format 3D part files such as Tekla and SdS2.

Freeform Add-In

For companies looking to ease the manufacturing process and the reverse engineer 3d parts. Freeform module assists with processing, manipulation, and creation of complex freeform 3D part geometries.

CMM Add-In

For companies looking for full part measurement and analysis. CMM provides full part tolerance analysis and laser scanner measurement of bent tubes to create an all-in-one-suite correction feedback loop during production runs.

Simulation Add-In

For companies looking to see your parts run in virtual simulation. Universal advanced machine and part simulation platform that can be used across multiple machine manufacturers.

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