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TubeWorks Software

What is TubeWorks Software?

TubeWorks is an innovative automated tube bending software that streamlines the process of sending accurate information to your tube bending machine. With the ability to instantly extract manufacturing and bend data from native SOLIDWORKS models, as well as common IGES or Parasolid files, TubeWorks simplifies the entire process.

What are the system requirements?

Windows 7 SP1 or Later x64 bit OS
RAM: 32 GB or more
Processor: 2.8 GHz or more
Hard Drive: SSD drives recommended for optimal performance (Min 16 GB spare)
Graphics Card: MUST support OpenGL. Dedicated Graphics Cards recommended.
TubeWorks Addin: SOLIDWORKS 2019 or later

Can TubeWorks operate on multiple machines from different manufacturers?

Yes.  The versatile design exporter at the heart of TubeWorks empowers you to send your creation directly to any bender as a .$$$, .SV, or .S2B file. Alternatively, you can generate a PDF report with LRA and XYZ values for manual entry into the machine.

Can TubeWorks run without a machine?

Yes, TubeWorks can operate independently of any machine.

What file types can I use with TubeWorks?

TubeWorks Standalone supports STEP and IGS file uploads, while the TubeWorks SOLIDWORKS Plugin is capable of accepting all file types that are supported by SOLIDWORKS.

What is the difference between TubeWorks Pro and SOLIDWORKS Add-in?

Both TubeWorks Pro and the SOLIDWORKS Add-in offer identical feature sets. While the add-in operates within the native SOLIDWORKS application and automates various tube bending processes, TubeWorks Pro is a robust standalone application that doesn’t require ownership of SOLIDWORKS by the user.

Can I use TubeWorks with minimal CAD experience?

Yes, TubeWorks has automated many of the processes that traditionally required CAD experience.  With a few clicks you will be able extract critical bend and manufacturing data.

Do I need other software to start producing parts?

TubeWorks is a fully independent automated tube bending software that operates without reliance on any other software. As a universal application, TubeWorks streamlines the process of sending accurate information to any tube bending machine, simplifying the entire process.

How does TubeWorks increase productivity by over 2500% ?

TubeWorks significantly enhances productivity by instantly extracting manufacturing and bend data, regardless of whether you are using native SOLIDWORKS models, common IGES, or Parasolid files. By simplifying the process of sending accurate information to your tube bending machine, TubeWorks streamlines the entire process, resulting in remarkable productivity gains.

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TubeWorks Subscription

How long is the subscription good for?

TubeWorks has a one-time license purchase cost that provides one year of usage. Continued use of the application and its features requires an active subscription.

Can I transfer my license?

TubeWorks supports both floating and node-locked licenses. For more information on transferring licenses, please contact

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, TubeWorks is sold with a 12-month commitment but can be terminated at any time. If canceled within 30 days of purchase, a full refund will be issued.

Do you offer a trial version of the software?

Take advantage of our 30-day risk-free purchase offer to experience the exceptional time and cost savings that TubeWorks provides. If it does not meet your expectations, we offer a full refund on your investment. Please note that the license must be returned within 30 days of purchase to qualify for a full refund.

Do you offer refunds?

Once you start using TubeWorks you’ll realize the time and cost savings it can provide. If it does not meet your expectations receive a full refund on your investment.  License must be returned before 30 days after purchase for full refund.

Are there any ongoing fees?

TubeWorks has a one-time license purchase cost that last for 1 year.  Continued use of the application and its features requires an active subscription.

Does purchasing a License come with support?

Yes, initial purchase comes with 1 year of support.  Ongoing support and updates requires payment of yearly fees.

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